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À La Carte Options


Cold Floor Sparks

Unlike traditional open flames, cold floor sparks are considered safe and more versatile. They produce a sparkling effect that resembles traditional fireworks but remains at a much lower temperature, making it safe to use indoors and in close proximity to people.


C02 Cannon Guns

CO2 cannon guns make a big show by shooting out a cloud of cold fog that looks amazing. It adds excitement and energy to the party or event. These guns are often used with music and lights to create a cool and synchronized performance.

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Dancing on Clouds
Fog Affect

A magical and romantic special effect. that creates the illusion of dancing on a cloud-covered surface by generating a low-lying fog that hovers just above the ground. Make the first dance and other special moments even more memorable.

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Saxophonist & DJ Combo

The saxophonist complements the DJ's set by adding live saxophone performances to selected songs. This live musical element infuses the event with a unique and soulful touch. The saxophonist can perform during specific moments such as the couple's first dance, cocktail hour, or other key segments of the wedding.

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Amplified Subwoofers

An amplified subwoofer is an essential component of a professional DJ's sound setup for weddings and other events. It enhances the overall audio experience by providing deep and impactful bass, which adds warmth and depth to the music being played.


Extra Uplighting

Placement of lighting fixtures on the floor, often at the base of walls or other architectural elements, to cast beams of light upward. This technique is used to create a dramatic and visually appealing effect by adding depth and dimension to the event space.

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